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Krystal O'Connell, Naturopathy Diplomate, Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutrition Coach, Skilled Caregiver (2022) with "Tiny Muppet" Silkie, and Brooder Hen extraordinaire

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The Natural Person is a legalistic term reference to our own human person, that is not controlled or defined by governments. Are you striving for wellness and health freedom?  Do you agree that each person should make health choices according to their own conscience? Are you concerned or looking to improve your health? This is a place to be! I serve all remote and local clients for consultations and iris analysis. 

11/26/2022 Author's note: I have found words changed on my site. For example: Churches, Murdered, Violate and more. So, I will attempt to keep correcting these, but it looks like censorship is happening.  I pay what seems like too much per year for the ability to write whatever I choose! This is sickening. I apologize if you encounter some phrases that seem to make no sense. I did not write them. 

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Learn how to help yourself achieve optimum health with whole foods, herbs and other supplements.

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Follow links to research about important considerations for health, and modern dangers, including the current world-wide health and economic situation, to make informed decisions about your health choices.

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Many hours listening to experts have created my various collection of links for research you can do, to make an informed decision.  Many censored voices recently must be heard! I attempt to support them by linking my site to theirs

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Future integrations planned on this site will give you the chance to share your natural living story! Did you receive great results from your efforts using food and supplements? A comments / testimonials page will allow you to spread the word and give hope to someone else. 

This is a brand new site It's slowly coming along. Please return from time to time, to check for new information. Suggestions for topics are welcome. I hope to support you in your wellness and balanced-living journey. 

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