Services Available and Referrals 

Skilled Caregiver:  Serving Buena Vista/Johnson's Village/Nathrop, CO area $20-30/hr. (Rate may be variable based on needs of client.) Please send email or call to request an appointment, listing of skills and proof of insurance. We will need additional time to discuss your needs,  in addition to minimum of 15 minutes in person, with the loved one. 

Iridology analysis: $50 USD includes handouts and suggestions

 Case History Consultation: $180 includes handouts, initial plan, supplement recommendations, and follow up

90 minute Case History with Iridology: $200 includes handouts, initial plan, supplement recommendations, and  follow up.

Personal Assistance / Home Organization / Paperwork Completion: serving Buena Vista, CO area $ 20 / hr. Please send email or call to initiate discussion of your needs. 

Designer Services: Marketing material, business cards, brochures, blogs, articles Inquire via email or call for current price list and samples, we will meet over your needs as well.

Please inquire about other services you may need at or 1-720-940-3771 

Caregiving and personal assisting procedures vary widely and start with a home visit. 

MY PROCEDURES FOR NUTRITION CONSULTATIONS: Normally I prefer to be in person for nutrition consultations, however, the process for remote work is growing.  Please visit me Calendar for booking. The evening hours are general availability, but I can manually add appointments outside those times. Please let me know what will work for you.

1 ) We start with the complimentary great and scheduling for 15 minutes. This step is needed to begin all services, and we meet via Zoom. We can also start on the phone, or some other platform if that works better. I know all people are not yet comfortable with online meetings. Then you receive an invoice from Intuit for the services you wish to have, which can be paid a variety of ways. 

2) After booking, I will send the paperwork. You may contact me via phone or email, to be sure I received your greeting appointment notification and receive this set of PDFs.  For health consultation clients. Local clients may also complete the paperwork in-home at the visit. If you require special accommodations, please notify me immediately.

We will go over your goals / complaints, the body systems, habits, supplements and medications, etc. ( Future integrations on this site will allow you to download this paperwork. ) If iris photos are needed, I will take office or you will email me these photos as well as screenshots / clear photos of the supplements page and front panels, and medications you take. During in-person consultations people collect their bag of supplements so I can scrutinize the labels and determine duplications. 

3) After receiving your paperwork, an initial review will be emailed or discussed. You will receive a Zoom link for the consultation online meeting, or we will meet in person. After gathering more information that I need to create a plan, the analysis and suggestions will be sent to you. I will also create a protocol on Fullscript to send via email, to help you locate high quality additions to your food plan.  Or, in the case of Iridology, we will discuss your particular photos, constitution, etc. 

4)   The follow up for three months is included in that price for Consultations/anyone getting a plan, by phone, email, zoom etc.  This is a low to medium need amount and expires at the three month mark. Follow up includes any research I must do to answer a question, help fine tune a program, or create another supplement protocol.  Follow up is not generally included with Iridology only. But, hourly rates are available later for any more questions.

Payment is required at least two days prior to our appointment, unless otherwise arranged. Mail is very slow these days, so keep this in mind if sending a check or money order. Or, I accept PayPal (adding  $3.25 per $100 fees) at the email Through Intuit email invoices, you can use debit or credit cards (with the fees included of $3.25 per $100. ) The prices for consultations include follow up for three months as stated above (ideal minimum commitment time for any new program) at 30 minutes maximum per week of email, phone, research or other assistance. This follow up expires at three months. VLW LLC reserves the right to offer other deals on programs for local individuals. 

Follow up: I have charged $25 per hour more for clients that take more than 30 minutes a week to follow up with. The client really drives the follow up. Three months is the minimum most supplements and programs need to make a difference.  But some people report feeling better sooner! I do not want to harass anyone or pressure them too much, but will check in with you periodically. It is up to you to work your program, consistently. I like to take notes about your progress you wish to share for your file, and will provide copies as requested. Questions? Call 720-940-3771

The hourly rate also applies to house calls as needed. 

The Iridology is optional and for remote people, providing a close up photo of the eyes that is clear is necessary for me to see what your constitution looks like, and give recommendations on how to optimize it. Step outside into natural light, pull open your eyelids and get as close as possible. Easiest to have a patient, kind friend help with this. Please be certain to put cell phones in airplane mode while using close to your face/eyes with the cameras. 

Referrals for services VLW does not provide:  is a site I found for parents who want to get more active outdoors, and have the addition of children to enjoy with. 


For an amazing mental and emotional health treatment, see my good friend's website for this service, using the olfactory system to disconnect emotions from memories. Not kidding, this really works! Some of the worse traumatic memories I have no longer feel so yucky!  Jeanna is a kind and caring person, who can be trusted with this intimate work. I have known her since first grade! 

Go to and select from the drop down menu of choices to find the Aroma Freedom & Memory Resolution Technique Session (circled here in the screenshot--prices may vary. This was current in April 2021.) 

I worked with Jeanna remotely. She sent my swatches after payment, and explained everything along the way. Jeanna uses pure, high-quality essential oils to facilitate your brain to work differently with these painful memories. 



My colleague, Heidi Jarvis, expertly runs Earth Phramaceuticals/Natur/Body Windows in Aurora, CO. Her starts of herbs, vegetables and flowers are organically produced and vigorous.  Pricing is very reasonable.  Her practice offers Denver Area people, Iridology and Consultations of all kinds. Heidi's deep compassion, knowledge and wisdom serves her clients well. High quality bulk herbs and clean body care products can be purchased here.

More Referrals to come! 

Do you have a service that could add to our directory? Please email me at