What is Naturopathy?

Throughout history, Naturopaths have adhered to the concept that the body will heal itself when it is given the proper nutrition, support and dedication. It takes into account, the whole person. Often, even small changes can produce dramatic results, especially when related to food intolerances.  The term, The Natural Person, in legalistic terms means our own human person. This is my approach; focus on the whole human person as we are born perfectly able to be well and joyful in our natural state. When we are free of disease life is better! But, in these modern times, there is much in the man-made world which is creating disease. This site will explore the mitigation of these risks as a way to wellness, as well as the historical uses of these causes and remedies. 

Naturopathy uses other supportive therapies such as saunas, steam rooms, enemas, exercise, sunlight, fresh air, massage, skin stimulation and other methods to assist the channels of elimination to function optimally and help the process. We will look at these in some detail, with instructions and a history of use. Food is key in every program for success, as truly, we are what we eat. 

Herbs are often used by naturopathic practitioners. They are a superior food source and can work with other nutrients to enhance any naturopathic program.  Krystal is a certified herbalist, with over 20 years  product education and training in retail settings and in private practice. 

Often Naturopathy incorporates other practitioners such as massage therapists, chiropractors (I utilize a specific, gentle upper cervical-centered chiropractic method) and other modalities such as aromatherapy with essential oils for a balanced life. I like to think of it as hitting the issue from all angles. 

Fullscript is the main online product platform used, with some hemp products and basic immunity support carried in the office.

The Channels of Elimination and Supportive Therapies 

The Skin is our largest organ of elimination through the pores

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. We absorb everything into the skin, even minute amounts of chemicals may be harmful or cause reactions. 

The Lymphatic system is closely associated with our skin. Many of our nodes lie close to the skin's surface. By stimulating the skin, we can move lymph. Exercise of large muscles and saunas also stimulate lymphatic movement. 

A stiff bristle brush is needed for this technique, and it is done before a shower or bath, to wash away the loosened skin cells. 

Some women are very pleased to report that the skin seems firmer and the dimples of cellulite are less noticeable. Your skin will also be exfoliated, and absorb your lotion more effectively! Beware of ingredients in your lotions that will add to the load on your liver, as everything must be processed in your body. Everything you eat and put on your skin must be dealt with in some way.  We will look more at labels later. 

I have found the following company's brushes to be appropriate: 

Bass/Hair Doc and some recommended by others here.

The lymph system is easily moved by jumping on a rebounder. This is good exercise and fun, as well! For people who hate to exercise, but know they must, try this. The links above have some nice success stories. I paid around $50 for this rebounder several years ago, but a couple hundred is the average cost. Eventually, the mat may lose tension and need replaced, FYI.  This link has some other suggestions and videos.

As a child, we always had a large backyard trampoline, which occupied many days playing outside on summer vacation!  Now there are safety nets around the periphery available. 

Krystal's rebounder

Check the personal care section of Fullscript to find some clean body care products. 

Sauna Therapy: Its effects on the Skin and Lymph

Saunas are an ancient therapy. Modern Far Infrared Saunas are effective at lower temperatures. The health benefits may range from lower perception of stress to fighting inflammation, healthier body mass and more. When we sweat, toxins are also released through the skin. Do shower after your sauna sessions! Look for a low EMF-emitting type for a healthier choice. 

The Colon: Many supportive therapies available

Often a topic one does not want to talk about, it is the seat of all health! Having IBS or other uncomfortable bowel conditions is a sign of something very wrong. Our bodies are not supposed to create discomfort. The use of fibers, probiotics and addressing hidden food allergies does much to improve colon health.  A few great supplements can address leaky gut and the cascade of problems that come with it. More on these that I have tried, later. 

Sometimes, we need colon hydrotherapy to help things along. When detoxing our bodies, an organic (warm, not hot) coffee enema can help reduce nausea or other symptoms of the cleansing. More information to come on these supportive therapies! I have tried them all, in the course of healing chronic issues. 

Colon Hydrotherapy can be deeply cleansing. I could not believe how much waste I was carrying around, when I tried this at New Choices Plus in Lakewood, CO. Despite healthy eating and becoming a lot more regular from my younger years, the colon was just not emptying. 

The Liver and Lungs: Vitally important for health

The liver works hard daily to eliminate toxins from our body and process nutrients.  There are two cycles of detoxification, and if something does not leave the blood, the body must try to process it again. A number of foods like artichokes, onions, leeks, garlic, beets and supplements like N-Acetyl Cystine, Bupleurum, Turmeric, Dandelion, Oregon Grape Root, Choline and Alpha Lipoic Acid support the detoxification pathways. Avoid processed foods, alcohol (especially in excess),  artificial colors and artificial flavors/sweeteners, to give the liver a break. 

The coffee enema can help to stimulate liver movement, and has helped with my nausea while cleansing my body. 

Lungs: We can live weeks without food, days without water and only minutes without oxygen. Protect your delicate lungs! As a former smoker, I cannot believe I used to intentionally destroy my lung tissue in this way.  The exchange of oxygen if vital to all body systems. To quit smoking, I used Herbs Etc. Smoke Free formula many years ago. It did help, after many tries. Supplements like Cordyceps mushrooms, Mullein and Grindelia are used in our home to support the lungs.