Modern Dangers to Optimal Health

As technology and agriculture have advanced, so have pollution and dangers of many varieties. Pesticides, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), hormones and more have added to our toxic burns. Our bodies often need tremendous help or prevention to overcome what humans have done to our world. Here we will look at some of these dangers and how they prevent optimal natural living, and what to do about it. 

Currently, the experimental drugs pushed on the world have me very concerned. The rush of "Big Tech" and "Big Pharma" to plow ahead with agendas which completely denigrate our  health freedom are deeply disturbing. Global "leaders" are making plans without our input. See the WHO resources page here. People like Klaus Schwab are making decisions to tie our freedom to digital IDs and compliance. This virus-carbon agenda is to make us compliant with the globalists plans. Listen to their plan, in their own words.  In May 2023, I found reports of these drugs now added to our foods going into distribution.  These can be labeled "non-GMO" as pushed by Bill Gates in schemes to force consumption of ingredients no naturally-minded person would agree to. 

This vilification by the American Medical Association and the mainstream media of safe, older, proven medications are unprecedented procedures according to many in the scientific communities. The manufacturers of these injectable drugs have ZERO liability, as of many years ago. Therefore, contaminants are not a concern to be regulated or monitored, despite the assertion it is. Not too long ago, we were promoted no mandates, by the ones in charge. Many years later the Informed Consent Action Network found Pfizer and Moderna to have the most adverse effects. Many people were forced to take these medicines, to keep their jobs. 

Doctors and scientists examining blood of patients, after these drugs are taken, and looking at these vials of drugs are not sure what they are seeing. A self-assembling parasite-like creature and other operating system-like colors developing (photos at 14:45 of this link), other known parasites and  nanoparticles including Graphene oxide are seen by more than one scientist, in more than one manufacturer's product. Recently, large fibrous clots coming out of the lungs were photographed in a patient who received this medication. The reports of injury are mounting. As of August 2022, I also found thermography images of huge clots developing in limbs documented.  On October 6, 2022 the Artificial Intelligence link to these medicines is found in patents granted very recently.  In November 2023 I found a video of large clots now found in plasma donation samples.

The accounts of blood clots, collapse and sudden death even in athletes and young people taking these drugs are well-documented. The still birth rates are exploding. Recently, for the first time in 20 years experience, funeral home directors / morticians are finding limb-long fibrous clots in the bodies they are preparing for burial. The deceased are over 60% of people and they are all jabbed with these drugs, according to records. 

 Cancer markers are increasing, shortly after these drugs are administered.  They may be causing a form of autoimmunity, according to two tests.  Increase in lymph inflammation  is evident with the boosters. Most recently, the chemical analysis of these clots reveals not human blood components, but conductive elements gathered from the body, as if it is building wires in the blood stream. 

I encourage you to stay calm, and stand in your decisions to remain healthy without these unknown drugs. Keep your immune system strong with nutrition, proper supplementation [like Vitamin D3 as one of many helps available] fresh air, sunlight, avoidance of chemical / artificial foods, alcohol, sugar, white flour, especially to excess, and have faith that your body will defend you when properly supported. See some resources at this site, if you are concerned about how to deal with these measures.

Listen to the people suffering, after they were convinced it was safe. 

The "Self Assembling Nanoparticles" quoted in the Emergency Use Authorization which signed the rush of these drugs into distribution in 2020 are manifesting. We are seeing structures assembling in the blood streams of patients, which have kept growing days later in vials, after removal from the deceased. These are choking off the blood flow, and occupying the body like an invader. This photo was taken from Dr. Jane Ruby's presentation in June 2022.  See the middle of this page for more information.

EMF and the problems it can present to our health


If you have insomnia, mood issues, or strange symptoms that seem to have no cause, EMF may be a factor.  This seven-minute video exhibits the basics of Electro Magnetic Frequencies. Our bodies have their own electric impulses, as does all of nature. But, humans have created unnatural frequencies. Powerlines, wireless devices, Wi-Fi routers, cell towers and many more human-made interventions can produce mysterious feelings of un-wellness. A Wi-Fi router is like a small cell tower in the home, and most are strong enough to fully power a 3000 square foot area!

These devices and frequencies may exacerbate neurological issues, like Autism. But, what if you don't perceive a problem? Our wireless devices are listed as class two carcinogens (with potential to cause cancer) and the "safety studies" were completed in the early 1990's! With tech developments quickly changing, we have come too far to go by this same information. Please get the facts and protect yourself from exposure. My mental and physical health improved radically, when I changed my exposures to these frequencies.

The most dramatic and quickest ways to test the effects, and reduce your exposure are: Turn off the Wi-Fi router when not in use, even better is to hardwire your home with ethernet cables. Do NOT hold your cell phone to your head, and use only wired ear bites or speaker mode to list, at least a foot length away. Avoid Bluetooth devices, especially those that fit in your ears!  Don't carry your phone on your body unless it is in airplane mode, or greatly shielded. 

I firmly declare that the human body at least needs a BREAK from these frequencies, and every living thing and person can benefit from turning them off. 

 Read more about my journey here.  

Some helpful products / information / services available for electro sensitivity and protection from EMFs: 

EMF Safety Network resources links and videos

Dr. Martin Pall Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, will explain how people may be exhibiting sensitivity to extremely low frequency EMFs in his lecture describing EMF activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC)

There are over 90,000 studies on PubMed mentioning Electromagnetic Radiation and it's effects. 

Dr. Daniel DeBaun is the inventor of DefenderShieldDaniel's concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, SAIC and Telcordia. See his interview with Sherri Tpenny here.

Cottonwood Hot Springs offers freedom from Wi-Fi in the lodging options and has fabulous "bliss water" as I call it!  

Scotties Tech Info explains how to hard wire your home for internet access. Other videos on his channels and information on his website is made easy to understand, and he never gets overly emotional when explaining the bad stuff. 

Dr. Mercola has a small tent with a demonstration video showing several meters inside with readings, and even shows it blocks FM radio waves! This is much cheaper than the large bed canopies. I invested in this for overnight trips to the city. Many people who want to house me, refuse to turn off the Wi-Fi, due to smart devices / home security. I need a safe place to sleep! Dr. Mercola explains EMF and shielding in a 12 minute video. 

The Canadian EMR Shielding Solutions  has quick shipping and very effective items. Except the gaiter did not help the headaches quite enough for me. I try to use 10% or higher metals now. The t-shirts are cooler, with plenty of cotton combined. The prices are a bit better, since other metals but silver are also used. The steel infused material/blankets is great to take on trips, where I must be exposed to Wi-Fi. These steel-infused blankets are under my bottom sheet, over the top sheet and over my head around a second pillow, to stop the buzzing I experience with the wires in the wall behind the bed. The gloves help me handle my cell phone without feeling fried. 

Shield Your Body Company has a resources section that is extensive and a free downloadable e-book. The neck gaiter is very versatile and 90% silver for max shielding. It is soft and comfortable. The silver scarf is light and easy to wear in several ways. My phone case from this company helps me to hold it. 

The Lambs Company has great products. I have a ball cap, t-shirts, boxers and beanie from them. The shipping was about eight weeks at one point. The website lists availability.  Recently, when I tried their t-shirts, my heart is much more calm and the nausea I used to experience is gone, while wearing it and the ball cap.  After a long wait in a hospital (Wi-Fi-saturated) environment; five hours didn't leave me wiped out and able to drive my husband home three hours! 

Less has a variety of fabric, clothing, meters, hats, grounding cords and blue light blocking glasses. The ball caps are steel-infused and more affordable than some other companies. I found it still worked as well as the silver hat. Watch for the listing of metals in products. If you are sensitive to nickel, only use those materials where they will not touch your skin. 

 Dr. Sharon Goldberg also discusses the history of government research and knowledge of dangerous microwave frequencies. She has tested before congress about this safety issue. 

The Original Sine-Tame Creator Terry Stotyn was featured on the series Take Back Your Power, and the work continues by Josh del Sol at Solutions for Humanity

Dana Ashlie (Many great posts from her! A fabulous exploration. ) She's not a scientist, but dives deep into research about wireless technology.

Swiss Shield fabric to block EMF are also found on the EMR site. 

Low E Glass coatings for windows and even regular window screens can help. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a highly effective wellness technology using positive frequencies to potentially improve sleep, brain health, bone / joint health, energy & balance! See some here.

Shielding paint requires grounding equipment as well. 

Nick Pineault, the EMF Guy, teaches how to balance yours electrical fields and basic ways to protect yourself.

Big in the news: Gluten and GMO foods

Eating brightly-colored vegetables supports good health

Some people think "gluten free" is a dish; which has little basis. The growing population of people who cannot tolerate whole food groups is growing. There appear to be a link between hybrid / genetic modifications of the wheat by Monsanto, too many pesticides, and "forever chemicals", and more. Beyond gluten free, is grain free. (Some follow a "Paleo" or "Keto" approach. ) I personally had to omit grains an entire year, for a gut healing program.  It is not easy at first but can be done. Just try it for a week or two and see if it improves your wellbeing. I now only eat grains sparingly. 

GMO food of many varieties may be doing more harm than good. We will look at these more later on. Just a couple of links here for now:

Credit: Jeffrey Smith

Experimental items in the news lately: 

It is commonly known, VAERS only lists about 1% of adverse effects.

As most people are aware of, much has happened during this world-wide plandemic. I have done much research into alternative voices (not from mainstream TV news...CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc. who are owned by a small group.) The mask-wearing hysteria seems to be psychological in nature, without really stopping the microscopic viruses from entering our airways.

The economic devastation for small businesses has a deeper impact, as wealth was shifted to big corporations (which stores were safe to be in, but not churches, according to government regulations!) Doctors telling the truth, are upholding their Hippocratic Oath by speaking out. They are being censored and fired.  Or suddenly dead, like Dr.  Andreas Noack - Watch his last (subtitled) video hereregarding NANO RAZOR BLADES in the shot. 

I am disappointed that medical administrators would call these front line people "heroes" one year and the next year they are "problems". These administrators practice medicine without a license, telling these doctors how to practice will be likely to be sued in the future.  I've spent many hours trying to understand these bioweapons that are being pushed on us as the ultimate answer, without any discussion of nutrition or other harmless methods, and without any real studies of safety including novel mRNA technology never before used in humans! This is not natural living. It is your body, and your choice to take this experimental drug into your veins.

Do the research for yourself. I will share a few links here.  Several months into this experiment, we are seeing horrific effects and some ingredients like graphene oxide are causing the magnetic phenomena we've all seen in videos all over the world. Graphene may be like injecting unstable electrons into the body and  extremely harmful to human body cells.  These nanoparticle ingredients respond to electromagnetic frequencies in studies and our growing levels of wireless radiation may make things worse!

In-Brain Neuroelectronics is a company using Graphene for brain-to-computer interfaces currently. It appears graphene is injected without our consent in these jabs. Spanish researchers have found exercise-induced glutathione production may help the body to execute those ingredients.  Please investigate the input of many medical professionals regarding this experiment. 

The Forensic recommendations: Nature for the NanoImmune product to assist those who received this drug.

Dr. Byram W. Bridle discuss the dangers of spike proteins generated by this drug inside the body, damaging cardiovascular systems. Dr. Bridle is a PRO vaxxer and is very concerned

Liberty Counsel-Mat spells explain exemptions from his experience fighting for civil rights since 1989.

Dr. Carrie Madej-One of the first doctors to examine these vials under several types of microscopy. She discusses detoxing from several poisons on this website. 

Dr. Michael Murray Author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and many other books, Science advisor for quality lines of products. 

Dr. Joseph Mercola prolific author, online platform of quality products. 

Frontline Workers Testimonies brave doctors and nurses speak out about the system forcing them to violate their Hippocratic Oaths.

America's Frontline Doctors ostracized for speaking the truth about science and biology, and prescribing safe and long-recognized medicines to treat this version of the flu. 

Health Freedom Advocacy Center Choosing your health options is critical to wellness. You are entitled by God and the American Constitution to seek the most natural route possible. Find the truth. 

There is a wealth of information out there, but social and mainstream media is wiping out the truth. Seek podcasts on Rumble, BitChute and Brighteon for alternative voices. 

Here is the Nuremburg Code that was established to prevent future heinous experiences on humans. We don't want to repeat a holocaust! 

Vaping and Other Smoking Alternatives

This was posted in my doctor's office.

Overuse of Antibiotics and Hormones

ISTOCKCHICKENSThese are not free range chickens!

Meat processing has long been under debate. Yes, we can get vitamin b12, zinc, iron, amino acids, and great absorbable protein eating meat, however seek companies that do not use processes that harm our bodies and make the animals miserable. It took humans over 20 years to understand what putting antibiotics and hormones into the food supply would do. The big infections like MRSA came out and our usual antibiotics would not work. Puberty has arrived earlier and cancers exploded, even in the young.  Very soon, our recently discovered microbiome ( good bacteria in the body ) had been destroyed. Fattening up food and taking license to overcrowd animals with these agents is a bad practice.

Our bodies are a delicate balance of these hormones and cannot handle these levels bombing us; including birth control methods and now the terrifying practice of puberty blockers / cross sex hormones in transgender people.  Per capita, more transgender people have attempted suicide — 22% to 43% of them — than any other demographic.   Even after surgery / hormones!  Additionally, two thirds of all trans youths report recent self-harm.  Believing you are in the wrong body takes a serious toll on your mental health. 

If someone, especially a child, takes hormone blockers or has a so-called sex resignation done, it may also negatively impact a person's mental well-being in the long run. We will look more at the implications of this practice.  Just check YouTube for the growing number of people who transitioned back to where they were born, and why.  Are the hormones in the environment the originating factor for this discomfort with the bodies people are born in? I fear, so many will be sterilized, before they even know what they want to do with their lives, and even more cancers will develop. 

Turning the time is the consumer's responsibility and "voting with our wallets" the most powerful move. Learn more about these dangerous trends and tell your friends! 

Our happy chickens lay about 20 eggs per day. They are out all day and have space. When we can supervise them, they get run of the whole yard. Nearby owls are a concern, so the run keeps them safe. We give them organic feed, seeds, raw vegetables, plenty of water and attention. They follow us around like puppies!

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