My Positive Changes with Less EMF Exposure

I suspected a link of EMF to insomnia from our Wi-Fi router, and begged my husband (because it was convenient to use his phone all over the house for music and media) to unplug it at night. It helped! After a while, the end-of-day headaches were still nagging me, and I convinced him to hard-wire our internet to our computers and DVD player. We were sent home during the lockdowns in 2020 and I worked exclusively in a basement with hardwired internet. I had zero headaches of this type! When I returned to the office on my last day a few months later, the dizziness and sickness was extreme! There were 15 routers in the building running. I was grateful not to go back. Now, I want everyone to consider how our technology may be impacting health. Some EMF case studies are discussed here

Later on, when the world began socializing again, I realized, even visiting homes for short times with Wi-Fi gave me headaches, and working in public was impossible. I then sought shielded clothing. The first time I used it while visiting a friend, the headache that developed over two hours felt better immediately, when I put on the steel-fiber headscarf!  The cost is very worth the collection I have, especially of the hats. Working in apartment buildings require shielded clothing. These also help with the power lines that are too close to our current home.  Most recently, the addition of the steel-infused blankets under the bottom sheet and above the top sheet with a light silver-silk bandanna over my head and face in bed has helped with much deeper sleep! It feels blessedly still and quiet on the surface my skin, with a calming effect.

A friend also pointed out that my six MRIs with Gadolinium contrast a few years ago (trying to get to the bottom of symptoms) may have contributed to this electro sensitivity which came on suddenly with strange symptoms, around that time like unexplained increased insomnia, anxiety, agitation, daily headaches, skin crawling sensations and heart palpitations.  I am seeking the detox remedies I need to reverse this if possible. Any heavy metals in the body can make a person sensitive to frequencies. These metals can come from a variety of sources, including pipes in plumbing systems, car exhaust, drinking water, aluminum cans for beverages, conventional anti-perspirants and more. Before going in for some drugs or other interventions, please explore reducing this radiation exposure in whatever way possible. You may encounter resistance from your living companions, however, if they do the research there is more than enough concern to adjust the exposure.