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Welcome to Vibrant Life Wellness!  I graduated from The School of Natural Medicine in 1999 as Naturopathy Diplomate, Master Herbalist and Iridologist and worked as Nutritionist and Natural Living/Vitamin Department Manager with various retail natural food stores, as well as consulting with clients in private practice. My foremost practice is on my own health; becoming the best I can be. My journey is not perfect, and has had major setbacks beyond my control. I am here to tell you, the worst things that happen to people are often the most motivating for change and determination!  I am so glad I am no longer where I was!  Mine is a testimony of miracles with radical spiritual and physical healing. I did not have the power to do this on my own. Every day, I am better than the one before! I encourage everyone to be patient with themselves and continue seeking what works best for each individual body, to support the whole person. 

With over 20 years’ experience and study in the field of nutrition, herbs and Iridology, I hope to share what I have learned with you. We will discuss health freedom, modern dangers from EMF, hormones and antibiotics overuse, family planning, fertility, pregnancy, the tragic, dangerous trend of sexualizing children. I am a traditional Roman Catholic (a convert at 16 and a revert after a long stint investigating everything else, at age 32) and I am dismayed that even the Pope's words, right now, is allowing children to be victimized by these ideologies by the heresy of modernism. This means rejecting the long-standing moral ground of Christianity. Moral standards adhered to by adults are there to protect our children, and allow them to have an innocent childhood, as God intended.  Moves to legalize and normalize pedophilia are many and subtle, until we really look at what is happening. This weighs heavily on my heart. 

Krystal O'Connell, Naturopathy Diplomate, Herbalist, Iridologist (2019)

A journey starts with one step...My Story

My life was plagued with metabolic problems early on, extra large clothing, severe anxiety in dressing rooms, and just hating my body, literally. It had betrayed me! The bloating, tummy aches and fatigue made life unlivable. I vividly remember vowing to do better--exercising for hours daily, trying hundreds of diets and ways to try to be healthier, and "skinny like my friends and cousins."  Eventually, depression hit, and I gave up for a long while. I found a way to ignore it, until I became very ill and uncomfortable, constantly. 

Moving out on my own landed me in a practice familiar in my family, of natural medicine and nutrition. My grandmother, Violet, had a small supplements store in Evanston, WY called Nature's Rainbow. I spent many hours there, while my mom worked the counter/desk. Rows and rows of bottles to read and the comforting smells passed the time. But, despite a whole food homecooked diet (until teen years, that is!) and supplements, things still went wrong. What I learned at the School of Natural Medicine (1996-1999) under the expert tutelage of Farida Sharan, about my problem, was that it had many causes. I was not just lazy or a bad athlete. (I am NOT an athlete and exercise is still a challenge to enjoy...unless it is connected to outdoor activity!) My belly was the center of it; too many antibiotics; about 15 rounds and processed foods wrecked my metabolism. Trauma, I found, can also put health into a tailspin. The way back is sometimes long and difficult, but can be done naturally!  Yet, we will also not ignore where our doctors can help us, when all other methods fail; in the case of disease and growths/tumors, nutrition and supplements may not be enough. 

Nutrition and fasting for me, is at the root of recovery and surviving trauma in a positive way. I can say that the most consistent methods I have undertaken myself are, 16 hours of fasting a day (intermittent fasting), reduction or elimination of grains (even gluten free) and watching out for all simple carbohydrates and sugars, drinking half gallon of water daily, and eating nutrient dense foods in smaller quantities and consistency with supplements have made the biggest difference, including cannabinoids like CBD to help tune up my internal communication system. 

Small changes can bring great relief and progress! Do not give up! Your health is an irreplaceable prized possession. It is worth the work and time!



2014, problems again!

Digestive Health as a way to root causes: Most of the protocols will begin here, to be sure we have a good foundation and get the most from supplements. Eighty percent of our immune system is located in the gut. The brain is closely connected here to communication with your whole body, and many mood issues can be worked on, as well. From there, we will deal with your particular concerns and goals to find your personal best health. The whole picture is taken into account, for your own special plan! 

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